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The Shipment, a stunningly beautiful new Science Fiction short film, will show at the 2019 Tribeca Film Festival. Created and directed by VFX Artist and 3D animator, Bobby Bala, 

The Shipment stars Aleks Paunovic (SyFy's "Van Helsing") as Kaiden Katar, a down-on-his-luck interplanetary transporter forced to land his old broken freighter at a remote spaceport after losing his valuable cargo of alien livestock. Poor and unable to afford the massive repair bill, Kaiden and his young daughter Zohra become stranded on a grimy shipyard inhabited by strange creatures and shady characters. Only wanting to settle down and ful ll Zohra’s dream of attending school, Kaiden is confronted with a choice that puts the very foundations of his morality to the test. 


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